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SRG Group & RGI Align

Risk Guidance Insurance has some exciting news which we are very pleased to be sharing with all our friends. Christmas last year Robbie Gibbs met a gentleman by the name of Rod Fitzgerald (MD of the SRG Group). At this meeting, it was evident there were synergies between both firms where all parties could become stronger from collaboration. Since that initial meeting, SRG Group and Risk Guidance have been discussing long-term visions in regards to the insurance market and economic conditions; these conversations have emphasised the benefits of aligning.

We are happy to announce that as of September 1st 2021, Risk Guidance has joined the SRG Group. Clients of Risk Guidance Insurance, will enjoy the additional SRG benefits of:

  1. Stronger buying power within the insurance market;

  2. Industry leading resources & technology;

  3. Technically a brilliant team of professional insurance experts;

  4. A specialised claim service and OSH team;

  5. A CBD office location to pop into and say hello;

  6. National presence/foot print; and

  7. Opportunites for your insurance spend to contribute further towards the WA community via the SRG Foundation.

When making the decision to align, there was a key synergy that captured Robbie's attention. It was SRG's core value of providing a industry leading service first and foremost, whilst ensuring their Corporate Social Responsibility never waivered. Rod Fitzgerald has done a fantastic job in creating a solid foundation of a 'give first' mentality, which is evident as the SRG Group are strong supporters of the Australian community and care immensely about their clients.

Robbie Gibbs couldn't be more delighted to align with an organisation that shares his key drivers, and looks forward to the Risk Guidance clients and their supported NFP’s benefiting immensely from this collaboration.

More details about SRG can be found in the below videos:

SRG Group Corporate Video - YouTube

SRG Group eClaims - YouTube

SRG Group Community Boot Camp - LinkedIn

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