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Well, 2021 Here We Are...

We need to be able to pull leavers - On Target / On Time

Happy new year everyone, I hope you all had a lovely festive break with family & friends.

Well, 2021 here we are...

2020 has been well documented on just how grim the year was across the globe. Here in Australia, we experienced the terrible bush fires followed by COVID-19 lockdowns and are now working through trade tensions with our biggest buyer - China. Whilst COVID-19 is proving to be extremely stubborn, we're optimistic that 2021 will provide some sense of normality once the vaccine arrives in Australia.

So what does business look like in 2021?

Is Bitcoin going to take over the world, is WA going to see another bull market within the gold sector, will trade tensions ease with China, is global warming going to be placed front and center on political agendas again or are we going to experience another lockdown?

What we know is that we don't have a crystal ball and it's imperative that we start structuring up our businesses to become more agile to be able to react to an ever-changing landscape. Having the ability to be able to adapt and pull leavers when required (on target / on time), provides businesses with a methodical foundation to face potential new challenges that will no doubt arise. This proactive approach to risk management is the key to ensure businesses don't get compromised if a negative event does arise again.

Risk Guidance Insurance - This is where we earn our keep

First and foremost, the transfer of risk through the vehicle of insurance is a productive way to save the farm if something big does happen again in 2021. We're encouraging our clients to maintain insurance coverage but be more focused on risk mitigation and carry higher deductibles, which is resulting in lower premiums to ease the financial strain of 2020.

Second, how focused is your business towards risk mitigation of both your assets and people? Do you need help to lower your risk exposures?

We're a service for risk mitigation, not a transactional insurance policy seller. We partner with our clients to provide them with leading insurance & risk management services to assist with their people and asset exposures - both in and out of the office.

If you need to lower your risk - Back Risk Guidance Insurance in, you can trust that we'll lead the way.

All the best for a prosperous 2021.


Robbie Gibbs (Managing Director)

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